I Guess I'm Really Going To Kenya...

How the hell did I become this type of travelista? Yeah I said it.

Own that shit.


Like a fashionista but for travel. Always traveling to some new exotic locale and not dissuaded by world opinions of where to go. *** Courtesy of Urban Dictionary***

Im owning this trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

The paper dosn't lie. When I purchased my ticket I felt like I was making a mistake. I dont have this type of change to support a random trip to Africa even if the ticket was less than $450.

I am not one for rash decisions.

I pride myself on organization and being put together. Well this one threw me for a loop. But the way I live and believe, I know it was God's doing.

Planning this has been different than anything I have ever done because I had to be creative in funding, time, planning, and my career. Here were my steps to Kenya...

1. I had an uncanny feeling that this trip had to work. And it wasnt until I spoke it out loud, over whisky at The Franklin Room, (because that is the only way to make a decision), with salsero and DJ extraordinaire, Alvin, that I realized subletting my place would ease my pains. It would pay back what I could not afford.

2. I felt guilty about leaving my career. But honestly... this isnt the first trip, nor is it the last, where I will need to successfully place myself on tape as if I can actually get the job while being out of the audition room. Its a higher level of believing in me and my level of artistry. Why not believe and just do it?

3. I barely have an itinerary besides where Ill be throughout the two weeks. Why? I had no time and honestly didnt care. For once instead of trying to be in control, Im going to say it is enough to just immerse myself in the people, listen, be guided by more than my schedules, and just be.

So what happened with that plan? I prayed and continued to observe and feel my relationship with God grow. Ive given it up to him and he is laying each stone in his own time and things are working out. I booked an Industrial with United Airlines the same day as my departure. #WontHeDoIt . I did the shoot, and then walked down to my gate, which happened to be in the same terminal, and got on my flight with no issues. I drank 3 glasses of wine, thanks to Lufthansa Airlines, while finally watching American Hustle.

Life is good. God is good. Let go and allow life to unfold. Share your blessings, be creative, and always be thankful.

Next stop... Frankfurt Germany

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