Keep Calm, Carry On, And Get a Voucher!

I made it to Frankfurt with 40minutes to spare and made it to my gate 7minutes prior to boarding.

Talk about a professional flyer :)

Well atleast Im getting there. I watched two young girls run their hearts out and get extremely anxious trying to catch their flight leaving in ten minutes after we had landed. There was no way they were going to make it. Their anxiousness was a hindrance as they went through security and forgot to take items out of their bag, yelled at security which only made security go slower, and had their hearts racing which made them lose stamina.

The lesson learned in that moment; keep calm, carry on, and get a voucher for the airline's mistake.

Huffing and puffing is not going to get you on board. So take advantage of the situation instead of allowing it to take advantage of you.

Once I arrived at my gate, I was amazed at all of the people from Saudi Arabia I was surrounded by. They were beautiful. The clothes, the way they handled eachother. The fact that the girls were checking facebook, just like me, left me in a state of wonder. I want to know about their culture. It felt sacred and deep. Its easy to always think your way is the right way. In that moment, I forgot about my way and just wanted to know why they switched garments at the airport? Why they changed into flip flops? Why the children dressed different than the men. Why the men dressed different from the elders? Whats the significance of their beards? Why were they speaking English when their accent showed me that their native tongue was different? Yeah Im sure I can google it, but asking the source is so much better.

I got in line to board and received the best surprise a flyer can receive.

An upgrade to Business Class!

Cue the Price Is Right music! Cuz thats how I felt. And on top of that I had my row to myself!

What this meant was a chair that laid down.

Champagne as soon as I sat and two more glasses before I was served food.

A three course lunch that I could choose from the menu, a glass of wine, and comfort.

Next up, Saudi Arabia where I was told while we are there no alcohol may be present.

No problem! I am not going to jail for a glass of wine.

The best part is I do not have to leave the plane. I sit ... In Business Class... and take this to Ethiopia. This two day trip is turning out to be not so bad after all.

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