Chillin' Like a Kenyan...

My first night out on the town was with a member of my travel group called Nomadness.

Nomadness Travel Tribe is a diverse collection of travelers from all over the world who live to discover new places. These people find the best flight deals, travel information, have meetups where you swear you have known some of them for forever, and are folks I can call family although I have never met them.

I put out the bat signal (a message on the Nomadness page) that I made it to Kenya. John, an expat from Ann Arbor, hit me up.

We met at a pub in a mall called Sarit Center. I was able to meet some of his colleagues and chatted for a bit with them before they needed to head off to Zumba class. I was quite amused how the Zumba trend has made its way all the way over to the continent of Africa as well.

People are not so different.

As they headed to dance off their wine, John and I decided to search for food.

Here is where I learned my first lesson in Nairobi bartering.

We found a taxi to take us to a restaurant called Artcaffe in a new chique mall called The Oval. Before hopping in, John asked how much would it cost. The taxi driver said 700 shillings. John immediately gave a shocked look and said, "Noooo, 300." The driver laughed and said, "No, but I'll do 500". John repeated again his price and told me to hop in. Not even one minute later, we arrived at Artcaffe. John didn't realize how close it was otherwise we could have walked! The driver again asked for 500 and John said, " Nope here is 300 that's all Im paying". The driver laughed and then said, "Ok."

Just like that!

I was like daaaaaang! Homey knew he was wrong and still asked for more. Then when John was like, that's all I'm paying, the dude gave in without a fight! He knew his fare was ridiculous.

Fight for your rights or get robbed while you are here. Everyone is out to make an extra buck.

John and I had a lovely evening enjoying happy hour drinks. Half off on their signature cocktails - very well worth it. Check this place out if you end up in Nairobi's Westland area.

Artcaffe - Chique restaurant, cafe, bar and lounge with happy hour and dance nights including salsa.

We had a couple more glasses of wine and beer over flatbreads and salad. We got to know eachother with the normal conversation starters and delved deeper into the state of Africa, impressions of Kenya, racism and relationships. My favorite story was how he felt like a piece of meat here. He got a taste of what women go through. Every time he goes out, women immediately grab his arm, ask for drinks, and use pick up lines like "I love you".

What?!? Craziness!

I couldn't help but laugh. But it was also pretty gross hearing the lengths some Kenyan women went to in order to secure what appeared to them of being a wealthy man. Basically a foreigner.

Hehehe, accents can be deceiving ladies. Dont be fooled.

We ended the night not too late as I wanted to spend time with my host and her friends, and John was heading to meet a friend at Black Diamond.

Black Diamond - A club notorious for ladies of the night and foreigners.

Good luck John and Good night to all!

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