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Tiffany Yvonne Cox

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Who's tiffany yvonne cox?

My mission  is to expose the world one story at a time.

i chose acting after doing a play in highschool that stopped a school shooting from happening.





“Tiffany Cox gets the job done! Showed up and nailed the audition and then walked on set just as focused and determined. She is one talented actor who is not only incredibly insightful, but you can also trust will help enhance the entire process  From start to finish. I’m always happy to see her in the room.”

- Ron Pennywell

( Aufiero/ Horn Casting - 13 Reasons Why, Raven's Home,)

Raven's Home.jpg

"Tiffany was a delight to have as a mentee for the Women In Film program in 2020. She is an amazing multifaceted talent and I can’t wait to see what great things she will do. Look out Hollywood! "



- Melanie Donkers

(Development Director USA of Mermade)

Karev & Deluca Grey's Anatomy (1).jpg

“Tiffany Cox is an outstanding actress who deserves to have her talent be recognized at the highest levels. She’s also a delight to work with. Professional, reliable, collaborative, patient, and kind. Any production would be lucky to have her as a part of their team.”


- Cady McClain

(Emmy Award Winning Actress, Director, Writer)

State Farm Photo with Director.JPG.jpg

"Tiffany is one of the most talented, magnetic and natural actors that I've ever come across. Her presence shines whether she is tackling strength or vulnerability in her work. She is truly a pleasure to direct and I hope that I may have many many more opportunities to work with her."


- Soma Helmi

(Director The Dead Girls Detective Agency)

Tiffany's Directing Debut.JPG

"Tiffany is a powerhouse of a multi-hyphenate. She somehow manages to balance her variety of hats from producing to acting, writing to directing, even while 5 months pregnant! Nothing stops this woman from putting out quality content and motivating her team with ease and grace."



- Ally Iseman

(Writer, Actress)

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