who's that lady?

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1st Generation Trinidadian

My Cousin and I at Carnival

Trinidad and Tobago are two islands, one country in the West Indies.


My parents were born there. My grandparents are from Grenada.


We love Carnival which is a Caribbean Festival with the official days occurring on the Monday and Tuesday prior to Lent. Check this Video.

If soca music comes on, "I have no behaviour."

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Me on the plane my brother flies

when my father immigrated to the states he joined the usaf as it was a way to get an education.

i moved 14 times and went to 8 different schools.

my father was a navigator on kc-135 Planes.

my little brother is now a pilot on c-17 planes.

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volunteer work

Marching at Homewalk in DTLA

CSH Speak up! is an incredible program that prepares those who have experienced homelessness to advocate for supportive housing to legislation and community forums. 

If you are interested in volunteering or donating check out their website.

this work has changed my life. but even more so, it is changing the way we view homelessness.

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My Art

Theatre performance at first stage children's Theatre

I chose acting as a profession after stopping a youth from doing a school shooting because of the show I was performing in. The power of words!

I started my professional career in chicago and am now based in Los Angeles.

my favorite characters are resilient, sexy, and grounded. Shows like queen sugar, dead to me, and why Women kill get me excited.

I act, produce, direct, & write.